Who “does” HardiePlank® siding?

I've been noticing that more companies are offering HardiePlank® siding in print ads.  But what exactly does that mean?  Who actually "does" HardiePlank® siding? I've been on appointments behind some companies that advertise HardiePlank® siding only to be told by the homeowner that all the representative did was try to talk them out of HardiePlank® siding to [...]

What does “Factory Trained” installers mean?

How is it that all home improvement companies seem to have these amazing "factory-trained" installers?  How about the companies that have "certified" installers?  Is that better than "factory trained"? "Factory Trained" can mean that an installation manual from the manufacturer was read by the installers.  It can mean that a video that was provided by [...]

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“Will Match Any Written Offer For Equal Quality”

In February 2009, I counted no less than 5 vinyl siding and window companies that have this in their ad in the Richmond, VA, market. When you see this in an advertisement for a home improvement company, what exactly does it mean?  I honestly have no idea.  Equal quality can mean different things to different [...]

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