Vinyl Siding, Replacement Window Tips, and More!

All of the vinyl siding guys tell you the same thing.  “Our siding is the thickest on the market.”  Just look at the ads! But is thicker better?  If that’s the selling point I guess it is.  Let’s take a quick look. Thickness of plastic siding is measured in “mils”.  1 mil = 0.001″ (mil
You’ve done your homework as a smart consumer.  You got more than one estimate.  You checked the BBB.  You looked at some work the contractor has already completed and you visited a job that is currently being installed.  You like the price and you like the company rep you spoke with. What’s left to do
If you look at the comment that we received from our first “This won’t happen with HardiePlank® siding” blog post from just a couple of days ago you’ll find a great link to a video produced by James Hardie® Building Products.  To make it easier you can click here to see the video.  This video is
Here is yet another story of a house fire that could have been prevented if a non-flammable siding had been installed on the exterior.  This house fire claimed no lives, but it could have been far worse. HardiePlank® siding by James Hardie® Building Products is noncombustible and approved for fire-rated construction.  You can accidentally put
I’ve got a great story about why homeowners shouldn’t always believe what they read. One of the contracts that our company has written this past week was from a homeowner who had questions about our labor warranty. It seems as though there is an AMAZING company in Central Virginia who claims in a mailer that

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