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Who “does” HardiePlank® siding?

I’ve been noticing that more companies are offering HardiePlank® siding in print ads.  But what exactly does that mean?  Who actually “does” HardiePlank® siding?

I’ve been on appointments behind some companies that advertise HardiePlank® siding only to be told by the homeowner that all the representative did was try to talk them out of HardiePlank® siding to sell their own exclusive plastic siding.  It appears that some companies only have HardiePlank® siding in their ads to get you to set an appointment so they can promote their own agenda.

I’ve also seen where a builder who must not have any homes to build was advertising HardiePlank® siding last year, but is now advertising stone pavers.  What’s up with that?!

Look, I understand that in this economic climate is difficult, but now more than ever isn’t it important to rely on a specialist for your home improvement needs?  I mean, if you needed a heart operation you wouldn’t go to the dermatologist because he gave you a better deal would you?

To all the sunroom/deck/hardscapes/stucco/new construction/kitchens/design build companies/house builders out there who also dabble in HardiePlank® siding let’s just say NO!

Blue Ridge Exteriors specializes in installing HardiePlank® siding.  We don’t do sunrooms/decks/hardscapes/stucco/new construction/kitchens/design build/or build houses.  Look at our website!  It features HardiePlank® siding and with more residential HardiePlank® siding re-sides than all the others combined you can feel certain you have an expert working on your house.

After all a deal isn’t so much a deal if you’re not happy with the finished product or experience is it?

Call us at 804.405.3683 for your free estimate today!

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